The Lifestyle Elite…The World’s Smartest Security System?
Basic Home Protection Package – $749.00 – Fully Installed

The Lifestyle Elite: Professional, Self-Monitored, Wireless Home Security

The Lifestyle Elite is the most innovative, smart Home system on the market today. It provides a high level of security for your home using the latest in motion detector design to ensure you never have to deal with false alarms. It offers a wide range of add-on innovative sensors including:

Temparature sensors
Flood sensors
Smoke detectors
Glass breakage detectors
Window and Door sensors

There’s also an OUTDOOR, waterproof sensor that can be set up to detect an intruder and alert you even before he is had a chance to break in!
There is nothing else like this system available for the price. I have had this system installed in my own home for almost 2 years and it has never let me down.

Use the free app to receive alarm messages, system messages (such as low battery),arm and disarm your system, display a ‘chart-view’ of all sensors to monitor activity – EVEN WHEN THE SYSTEM IS OFF.

12 Month Money Back Guarantee.

Free i-Phone and Android App

Download the FREE app, sign up for a FREE account (paid version alaso available with more features including alarm notifications sent to your smartphone) and your Smartphone or PC becomes a full security. Control and monitoring center.

Arm and Disarm

  • Arm and Disarm your alarm from anywhere in the world using free app.

'Notification' version

  • Unlock the full potential of this system by subscribing to the ‘Notification’ version ($8.00 per month – cancel anytime)If an emergency occurs, full details are sent to your phone including detector location and time and date stamp.

Status Display

  • Display the status of important sensors directly on the Home Screen – even if the alarm is off. Eg. Garage Door Open, Gun Cabinet Open

Monitor the temperature

  • Monitor the temperature of critical area on a graph (optional temperature sensor required)

Instant Temperature Notification

  • Receive instant notification if the temperature goes above or below your pre-set levels. Handy for monitoring wine cellars, baby’s room etc)

Special Monitoring Mode

  • Special monitoring mode records all activity from each sensor in your home and displays it on your i-Phone – even if the alarm is disarmed.


  • Automation. The Lifestyle Elite can control up to 15 240 volt appliances using the optional X-10 Controller and Appliance modules. I use this at home to automatically turn off the TV, DVD, Stereo automatically at the power point when I Arm the alarm system. When I arrive home and disarm the system, the TV etc is turned back on. I calculated that this will save around $80.00 per year by not having the appliances left in ‘Stand-by” mode. There are lots of other possibilities using these inexpensive modules.
What’s Included in the Basic Home Protection Package for $749.00?

Comes With Everything You Need for Basic, Reliable Protection for your Home

1 x Lifestyle Elite wireless security alarm console with in-built siren and back-up battery
3 x wireless Infra-red motion sensors
2 x Remote controls with on, off and Panic buttons
Includes all batteries
Professional installation by licensed, TRADESMEN
Set-up of app .
Add extra sensors at any time – expandable to 128 zones. See accessories below.
Additional Accessories Available
  • Extra remote with on, off and panic buttons.The forth button allows you to turn part of the home on and leave other parts armed – great peace-of-mind while sleeping.
  • Latest technology – No false alarms.Will ignore pets up to 18 Kg.

‘Learn’ the Temperature Sensor into the Lifestyle panel, then place it in any location where you need to monitor the temperature

  • • Wine cellar
  • • Baby’s Room
  • • Freezer

Temperature is displayed on the LCD display of the panel. Add the Ethernet Adapter and temperature can also be continuously displayed on your smart phone as well as 7-Day graph showing temperature changes. Alerts you if the temperature rises or falls beyond the levels you set.


Mount this unique external siren on the front of your home. Provides a great visual deterrent to would be thieves.

  • • Emits a loud 110dB siren when activated as well as flashing the strobe light
  • • Different sounds are generated depending on the type of alarm – Burglary, Fire or Panic.
  • • No wiring needed. No batteries to replace
  • • Comes with strong, secure mounting bracket
  • • Lasts up to 40 days with no sunshine
  • • Designed to sense smoke in your home and give an early warning of developing fires
  • • Built-in siren
  • • Battery life approx 2 years