Agility Self Monitoring Alarm System
Uses motion sensors with in-built color cameras
Sends snap shots of alarm events directly to your Smartphone, iPad or PC
Request a snap shot from any camera at any time – check on your home while you’re at work
Wireless codepad for convenient arming and disarming
Self monitored via App or optional Back-to-Base monitoring
Next Generation Home Security system
Fortress Self Monitoring Alarm

The Fortess system is a wireless Do-it-Yourself system that is loaded with useful features

Simply pop in a SIM card and the system will send you a text message if the alarm is triggered including time, date, detector name and location.

Can send alarm messages to 5 mobile phones
Touch screen panel
Arm and disarm your system from anywhere by test message
Kit includes 2 x remote controls
Night mode for protection while you sleep
Lifestyle DIY Alarm System

The lifestyle alarm system is a Professional Grade home security system that is simple for anyone to install themselves

Dials up to 10 landline or mobile numbers when triggered
Add optional low-cost adaptor to connect system to internet for full monitoring and control using App
Lots of accessories available
Save hundred of dollars on installation costs
Free over-the-phone technical support
Self-monitored – No monitoring fees