New Technology Alarm Helps Prevent Home Invasion. Install Yourself in Just 15 Minutes.



“What is the Ultra-Safe system and how does it work?”

The Ultra-Safe is a stand-alone, wireless Do-It-Yourself early warning perimeter alarm system.
It uses one or more battery-powered outdoor detectors (called ‘Sentinels’) and a portable base station that is located inside your home.
The base station sounds an alert tone if an intruder is detected outside. You can choose from one of 30 different alert tones. Adjust the volume to suit your situation.

  • Reliable Early Warning of intruder entering your property
  • Home occupants receive an alert tone to provide early warning of intruder approaching vulnerable doors & windows
  • Create a Perimeter Safety Zone around your home

If an intruder approaches your property, the Sentinel sends message to the base station. The base station sounds an alert tone that provides you with an early warning that an intruder is on your property.

Unlike older technology outdoor sensors, the Ultra-Safe will not be triggered by animals, wind, and leaves (provided the simple installation guidelines are followed) so you can sleep safe and sound knowing that you’ll only be alerted if an intruder is approaching.

“An Alert Tone?  What good is that?”

It’s very good!

You have taken away the intruders best weapon….

….the element of SURPRISE!

You know he is on your property…and he’s still outside.

And because the Base Station plays a different alert tone for each Sentinel so you can tell precisely where the intruder is.

You’re inside, awake,alert and able to assess the danger and make an appropriate response

Not convinced?

Consider the alternative….

The intruder approaches your home.

He forces a window and stealthily makes his way inside trying to make as little noise as possible.

Maybe he opens a squeaky door or bumps into a chair…would you wake up?

Even if you were to wake up, then what? Do you get up and grab a weapon to investigate?

No matter what happens next, the fact is you only became aware of the intruder…

…. after he had entered your home!

It’s a frightening prospect, but one that’s happening more frequently. Even if you have a home alarm it won’t trigger until the intruder is INSIDE your home.

The intruder has the advantage.

Not convinced?

Ultra-Safe is your eyes and ears when you’re asleep

Perimeter-beamUltra-Safe will alert you instantly if someone is snooping around your car, garage, tool shed or work ute. 

The Base Station will flash the zone light and sound an alert tone so you know someone is prowling around on your property well before they’ve picked the door or window they’re going to use to get inside your home.


The Ultra-Safe kit is just $289.00. Includes 1 x Base Station, 1 x Sentinel (batteries included) East to Follow Instructions and Installation Video with Set-up Tips.



  • Ultra-Safe is simple to install. Anyone can have a basic system installed and working in 15 minutes…or less!
  • The Sentinel and base station can be up to 200 metres apart – ideal for monitoring sheds or long driveways
  • Requires no wiring. The Sentinel unit works continuously for around 18 months on a single 9 volt battery
  • Won’t be triggered by animals, birds or rodents.

    • Narrow, invisible ‘trip-wire’ to detect people and vehicles


    • Long detection range –  Detects intruders up to 15 metres away


    • Sentinel can be located up to 150 metres from the Base Station


    • Sentinel operates on a single low-cost 9 volt battery (available at Coles, Woolworths, Aldi) for around 18 months


    • When installed according to the simple guidelines, it won’t be triggered by dogs, cats, possums, birds etc


    • Base Station has 4 separate alarm zones. Each zone plays a different alert tone(30 to choose from) so you know exactly where the intruder is


    • Expandable. 16 Sentinels can be programmed to a base station. Unlimited base stations can be added making complete perimeter coverage achievable zones


    • Alert tone volume can easily be adjusted


    • Base Station comes with a 12 volt plug pack with battery back-up


    • Base Station can easily be moved from room to room. Have it in the kitchen during the day to monitor for visitors, move it into the bedroom at night to alert if intruders are detected


    • Can be integrated into your existing home alarm system to activate your alarm siren and alert a monitoring control room (ADT, Chubb etc)


  • The Base Station has a low voltage relay output. It can be connected to other equipment – cameras, floodlights, sirens, sprinklers or a voice module. These are customisable options that we can help you with.
    Note that other equipment is needed to implement these features. An application sheet will be available in the Support section soon


No Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Try the Ultra-Guard system for 30 days. If it doesn’t work for your situation or you change your mind simply return the equipment and we will refund every cent of your money.



The Ultra-Safe has Plenty of Useful Applications….

perimeter-beam-carProtect Your Car

Receive an alert if someone approaches your parked car at night




Driveway Alertperimeter-beam-driveway

Have a long driveway?

No more ‘surprise visitors’ appearing at your door




perimeter-beam-swimming-poolSwimming Pool Alarm

Receive an alert if someone climbs the pool fence, opens the gate or gets too close to the water




Equipment and Tool Shedsperimeter-beam-shed

Monitor movement around sheds and outbuildings day and night




perimeter-beam-caravanMonitor the back gate, sideway or backyard

No wires to run – place a Sentinel anywhere you need protection

Alert fellow campers of intruders while you’re out and about




perimeter-beam-side-of-houseTake one on your next Caravaning trip

Get an alert if someone enters your annex while you sleep

Simple Do-It-Yourself Installation



Secure Your Perimeter in 4 Easy Steps
1. Insert supplied 4 x AA batteries  into the rear compartment of the Sentinel outdoor detector


2. Mount the Sentinel using the screws provided. Aim at the area to be protected


3. Plug the room station receiver into a power point inside your home or run from battery


4. Perform a simple ‘Walk-Test’ to ensure the area to be protected is covered. Adjust as necessary

The Ultra-Safe is a reliable easy-to-install wireless alerting system . It can be used to detect movement inside or outside your home or business premises.

It’s been tested in all conditions including strong winds, rain and scorching summer heat.

The versatile swivel mount allows you to accurately aim the detection beam so you detect movement in your designated ‘hot-spots’ and minimise false triggering.

The Sentinels can be installed up to 150 metres from the Base Station

Base station has a back-up battery so you’re perimeter alerting system still function even in a complete black-out.



And we’re here to help you every step of the way. You get access to our helpful installation video. It shows you:

How to install the Ultra-safe in different settings.
Handy set-up tips
Application ideas – including a video verification option

* Email support – Have a question? Send an email to 

What’s Included?

  • 1 x Sentinel battery powered sensor with 15 metre detection range – battery included
  • 1 x Ultra-safe base station with 12 volt adaptor and back-up battery
  • 1 x Installer manual written in plain easy to understand language
  • Access to our helpful installation video
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Email support




Order Now – Just $289. 00 + $15.00 postage anywhere in Australia


Available as a simple Do-It-Kit from our online store or one of our licensed experienced technicians can do it for you (Melbourne only)

The new Ultra-Safe Home Guard is a reliable, battery-powered wireless early warning perimeter alarm system for your home. It provides a reliable warning that someone has entered the perimeter of your property, giving you time to respond appropriately.

Simply mount the battery-powered weather-resistant sensor unit anywhere that you need to monitor, plug the receiving unit into a power point and give it a test. All you need is a Phillips-head screwdriver. You can have the system up and running in about 10 minutes.

Can be used as an effective stand-alone system or connected to any home alarm to create powerful perimeter deterrent system




Ultra-Safe Base Station $157.00

Extra base station. Have one in the living room and another on the bedroom.

4 Alarm zones. 30 alert tones. Each zone can be set to sound a different alert tone. Relay output for interfacing to other equipment. Includes 12 volt plug-pack







outdoor-sensor-postUltra-Safe Sentinel Wireless Outdoor Detector


The Base Station can have a total of sixteen Sentinel detectors added to create a secure perimeter wherever you need it.
Comes with 4 x ‘AA’ Batteries