Video Intercoms

Never Open the Door Before You Identify the Visitor

7 Reasons Why Every Home Should Have a Video Intercom:

  1. Identification. You can see and speak to a caller at your front door before opening it.
    Is the person who they say they are? Why are they calling? Can the call be handled from behind the safety of a locked front door?
    No-one in your family should never open your front door without knowing who is there.
  2. Record Keeping – Record the entire conversation – both video and audio.
  3. Check what’s happening outside – Push the ‘Monitor’ button on your intercom from inside and immediately see and hear what’s happening at the front door – even if the doorbell hasn’t been pressed. Handy if you think you heard something outside.
  4. Deter Intruders – Most video intercoms take a snap-shot of the visitor when they push the door bell and stores it in memory. See if you missed any visitors while you were out. Great deterrent – an intruder will generally ring the doorbell to see if you’re home before attempting a break-in.
  5. Never miss a visitor. Some video intercoms call your mobile phone. You can see and talk to a caller from anywhere in the world!
  6. Affordable. Video intercoms are relatively cheap compared to a year ago. The first video intercoms were thousands of dollars only a few years ago.
  7. Quick installation – Several wireless models are available – no messy wires, quick installation, long battery life.

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