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A good quality, home intercom system is an important part of your home security set-up.

There are lots of choices when it comes to intercom systems. You can choose a basic voice-only intercom system, video intercom system or IP intercom that you control from anywhere using your smartphone.

There are also a range of wireless intercoms that can reduce the cost of installation, especially if you need to connect to a front gate.

We have home intercom systems to cover most requirements. Please contact us if you can’t find what you need. Our security experts will be pleased to help.

Wireless Home Intercom Systems

All Prices Shown Include Installation & GST

Video Intercom Systems

HikVision Smart IP Intercom System $499.00

  • Answer calls on your smartphone from even if you’re away from home
  • Motion sensing automatically alerts you as a visitor approaches your door
  • Manual event recording
  • Free app
  • Pairs to ONE smartphone only

NOTE: When a visitor presses the door bell, your smartphone will ring and display the image from the video camera. There is no audible ‘ding-dong’ sound when a visitor presses the doorbell.

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Aiphone Wireless Video Intercom System – $399.00

Portable video phone handset to answer calls anywhere inside your home

  • Picture memory
  • 100-metre range
  • Adjust picture view from the handset to provide best view of visitor
  • Comes with recharging cradle for phone
  • Quick no-hassle installation
  • Perfect for double-storey home – no cabling required.
  • Quickly and effectively enhance your home security

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Hardwired Video Intercom Systems $599.00

  • Monitor mode for increased security
  • Night vision
  • Picture memory
  • Provision for 2 room stations
  • Gate or door release button
  • 24 month warranty on parts
  • Lifetime workmanship guarantee

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Aiphone Deluxe Video Intercom with Smartphone App $1,099.00

  • Talk to visitors from 7-inch touchscreen or your smartphone – never miss another visitor
  • Unlock door or gate from smartphone or touchscreen while answering a call
  • Extra output to control lights, sprinklers or another door
  • Security system feature automatically records first ten seconds of video and audio
  • Retrieve missed calls from smartphone
  • Answer calls from wherever you are for
  • Monitor your front door anytime
  • Free app

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Aiphone Voice Only Intercom System $429.00

  • Hands-free communication
  • Remote door or gate release button
  • Crystal clear audio
  • Provision for up to 4 room stations
  • Simple upgrade from your ding-dong type doorbell using existing wiring

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Home Intercom Systems Notes

1 – Can I install a hardwired intercom into an existing double-storey home?

Several cables need to be run for a hardwired intercom security system.

Installing concealed wiring in an existing two storey home can be difficult but not impossible. It depends on a number of things including:

  • Your desired location for the room station(s). Typically you would have one on the ground floor near the kitchen or family room and a second unit upstairs.
  • Your homes construction type (solid brick, tin roof, flat roof etc)
  • Your willingness to compromise on the final location of the equipment (within reason)
  • Consider one of the wireless options or book a free no-obligation home inspection to see if it’s possible.

Please contact us to discuss your situation – we’re happy to help.

2 – What do I need to consider before choosing a video intercom system

The door station should be located so the visitor can press the call button while standing directly in front of your entry door. If the door station is a step or two away from your door, the visitor won’t be visible when you check your room station monitor – after he presses the button he will walk back to the door ready for you to open it!

The best way to achieve this is to mount the intercom at right angles to your door.

If your home does not have a wall at right angles to your front door the door station can be mounted on a right-angle bracket. Another option is to consider a voice-only intercom.

In the photo below, the camera doorbell unit is about waist-high. This is impracticalities are obvious for both the visitor and the home owner. A better solution would be to mount the door station on a pole just behind the fence. A mounting height of around 150-160 centimetres is ideal.

Home Intercom Systems with Door Release

Most intercom systems have ‘door release’ button. If an electric lock is installed on the front gate you can press the door release button and let a visitor in without having to go outside and manually open the gate.

It’s important to add a code pad or swipe card system or key over-ride to the front gate to allow the homeowner access through the front gate if no one is home to push the door release button.

If you’re planning to add remote release function to an entry gate, contact us to discuss the best option for your situation.

7 Reasons Why Every Home Needs a Home Intercom System

1 – Identification

You can see and speak to a caller at your entry door before opening it.

2 – Peace of Mind

Is the person who they say they are? Why are they calling? Can the call be handled from behind the safety of a locked front door?

3 – Security

No-one in your family should ever open the door without knowing who is there.

4 – Record Keeping

A video intercom can record the entire conversation, both video and audio.

5 – Check what’s happening outside

Push the ‘Monitor’ button on your intercom from inside and immediately see and hear what’s happening at the entry area – even if the doorbell hasn’t been pressed.

Handy if you think you heard something outside.

6 – Deter Intruders

Most video intercoms take a snap-shot of the visitor when they push the doorbell and stores it in memory.

See if you missed any visitors while you were out.

Great deterrent – an intruder will generally ring the doorbell to see if you’re home before attempting a break-in.

7 – Never miss a visitor

Some video intercoms call your mobile phone. You can see and talk to a caller from anywhere in the world!

8 – They’re More Affordable Than Ever

Video intercoms are relatively cheap compared to a year ago.

The first video intercoms were thousands of dollars only a few years ago.

9 – Quick installation

Several wireless video intercom and voice-only intercom models are available – no messy wires, quick installation, long battery life

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