Detect Intruders Before They Get Near Your Vulnerable Windows and Doors

The new Ultra-Safe Home Guard is a reliable, battery powered wireless early warning perimeter alarm system for your home. It provides a reliable warning that someone has entered the perimeter of your property, giving you time to respond appropriately.

Simply mount the battery-powered weather-resistant sensor unit anywhere that you need to monitor, plug the receiving unit into a power point and give it a test. All you need is a Phillips-head screwdriver. You can have the system up and running in about 10 minutes.

Can be used as an effective stand-alone system or connected to any home alarm to create powerful perimeter deterrent system

Available as a simple Do-It-Kit  from our on line store (click here) or one of our licensed experienced technicians can do it for you (Victorian only)

Invisible Electronic ‘Trip Wire’

When an intruder triggers the 15 metre invisible ‘trip-wire’  an alert tone is played by the portable receiver. You can easily set which tone you would like to hear when the system is triggered – there are 4 to choose from. You can add up to 4 sensor units and have each one play a different tone so you can tell immediately which beam has been tripped. The sensor can be mounted up to 500 metres from the receiving unit (see my notes below regarding range)

The receiving unit has a volume control and an on/off switch so you can turn the unit off when you’re expecting visitors. You can also move the receiving unit from room to room – it could be in the kitchen,living room or office during the day and moved to the bedroom at night.

The receiving unit can also be connected to any new or existing alarm system to create a really powerful deterrent to potential intruders. Imagine an intruder crossing the ‘trip-wire’ and being blinded by several high-intensity flood-lights, being blasted by ear-shattering sirens and even soaked by your automatic sprinkler system! Breaking in to your home suddenly doesn’t seem like such a good idea!

It’s all possible with the Ultra-Safe Home Guard and a bit of imagination.

Call Robbie or Tara in the office for more info (03) 9005 0174

Robbie and I have received an increasing number of requests from customers who want to be alerted to the presence of an intruder before a break-in occurs.

I have spent the last few months putting together the following systems that I guarantee will provide reliable early warning of an ‘un-invited guest’.

When installed correctly these systems out-perform anything else in terms of reliability and value for money that I have used over the last 30 years.

I have selected the Ultra-safe range of products after having them installed at several test sites over a 3 month period (along with several outdoor wired and wired sensors from well-known manufacturers). All systems come with a 90 day ‘no questions asked’ money back guarantee.

Ultra-Safe Home Guard

Simple Do-it-Yourself Installation. Comes with Free How-to Video

$289 Incl GST Free Shipping Australia Wide CALL NOW TO ORDER (03) 09005-0174
Protect windows – 15 metre detection range
Create an invisible perimeter around your car, boat, caravan, work ute
Monitor the driveway, side gate, side of the house or back yard.
**NEW** The Bosch Solution 3000 with Alpha-Numeric Codepad is now available. Click Here for More Info
Detect movement around sheds and out-buildings.
Sound an alert if someone gets close to the swimming pool.
Simple Do-it-Yourself installation – no wiring required.
All cables and connectors – no hidden costs.
Our unique RISK-FREE 90 day Money Back Guarantee. Have the Melbourne Alarms system installed and try it out for a full 3 months. If you don’t believe it has performed the way I have promised, simply return the system for a full prompt refund – NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
24 manufacturers warranty on all equipment..
Comprehensive User Guide written in PLAIN ENGLISH.

More About Range.

I have  tested the distance between the sensor unit and the receiving unit under different conditions. The manufacturer quotes a figure of 800 metres however I was not able to achieve that distance with my tests.The maximum range I could get with 100 percent reliability was around 500 metres and that was in an open field in the country with line-of-sight between the receiving unit and the sensor, (meaning I could see the receiving unit from the sensor. There were no hills, buildings, trees etc obstructing the path.)

In a typical suburban setting 100 metres should easily be attainable.

I offer a full, unconditional money-back guarantee for 90 days. Try it out. If it doesn’t work in your situation, simply return the system for a prompt no-questions-asked refund.

Custom Designed Options for the Ultimate Peace-of-Mind

– Ultra-Safe Extreme –

Customised done-for-you perimeter protection for your home.

Perimeter security is becoming more important due to the rise in home invasions.

The solutions that Melbourne Alarms and others in the industry have offered up until now are inadequate at defending against this type of attack. What we offered were a combination of switches on all doors and windows, vibration sensors and glass-breakage detectors.

The reason I feel these measures are now ineffective is because they don’t provide you, the homeowner, with an early warning. These existing measures require an intruder to already be in the process of breaking in to your home before they trigger the alarm.

That means you are made aware of the fact that someone is breaking in to your home (or possibly already inside) by the extremely loud siren waking you from a deep sleep – hardly an ideal situation.

Hence the need for an early warning system.

The solution we’ve come up with takes advantage of the latest technology – and puts it together in an intelligent way. Below is an example of what can be acheived:

  • Reliable, wireless detectors are installed strategically around the property. They  give you an early warning that someone is on your property.
  • Once the perimeter detectors have been triggered, an automatic chain of events occur that are designed to keep you informed of exactly what is occurring outside, from the safety of your home, while driving the intruder away. You always remain in complete control of the events and can cancel the sequence or escalate it to the next level depending on the nature of the threat.
  • Beam is triggered by someone (not a verified threat at this stage). Several discreet, but hi intensity strobe lights are switched on (one on each side of the home
              • At the same time a low level alert tone is activated outside that can be clearly heard by the ‘visitor’ but not loud enough to disturb the neighbours.
              • A low level sounder also activates at one or several locations in your home to  alert you to a potential threat
              • Your High Definition camera surveillance system switches to the camera closest to where the visitor is so you can see exactly what is going on.
              • After 15 seconds, several 300 watt high intensity LED floodlights illuminate the front, back and sides of your home giving the intruder nowhere to hide. You are able to clearly see your entire property from each door and window. At the same time a warning message is played through several discreetly placed external speakers. The message can be customised by you at any time but something like ” Warning you are trespassing on private property. The police and an armed guard are on the way. Leave immediately.”
              • After a further 10 seconds the 24 hour monitoring centre is automatically notified of a verified intruder at your premises and will activate your response plan (contact police, security guard, friends, neighbours etc.

This approach makes far more sense than the current way of doing things. Of course, this is just one scenario. Some of the stages in the above sequence can be eliminated, other stages can be added. Almost anything is possible.

If you’re interested in adding a customised perimeter system to your home send me an email with ‘Perimeter Alarm’ in the subject line and I’ll be in touch to see how I can help. –

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