Don’t like the idea of having to lock your beloved pet outside when you turn the alarm on? Pet –Tolerant sensors could be the answer. WHAT IS A PET-TOLERANT SENSOR?
It looks identical to a standard infra-red motion sensor but uses special techniques (optical and electronic) that allow it to ignore your pet moving around the house while still providing effective detection of human intruders.
As long as they are installed EXACTLY in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions they are extremely reliable.
Yep! They can only ignore pets if the animal stays at ground level. This can be bad news for cat lovers as cats tend to want to climb up curtains or climb onto a table or couch to sit in their favorite warm, sunny spot.
However with careful planning and installation I can usually install the sensor without it causing any unwanted alarms. If I don’t think pet sensors are suitable I can always offer an alternative solution. Reed switches fitted to internal doors or active infra-red beams can provide an effective solution. There’s more than one way to skin a cat!

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