If you’ve spent any time researching your options for alarm monitoring, you’ve probably realised by now that most monitoring companies have something in common….

They Force You To Lock In For A Fixed Term Contract

At Melbourne Alarms we approach things differently.

We have partnered with BENS Wholesale Monitoring to offer affordable back-to-base monitoring by a Grade A1 monitoring station with absolutely no lock in contract at the cheapest possible price.

You can have monitoring for the times you need it and cancel at any time – for only $25.00 per month.

This means you can use the service for a month, two months or as long as you like.

You can cancel at any time with no penalty.

  • 24 Hour Back-to-Base Monitoring
  • Grade A1 Control Room
  • No Lock-in Contract – Cancel Anytime
  • $27.00 per month including GST
  • Already Have a Security System?

    For a once-only fee of $149.00 (incl GST) we can quickly and easily connect you to our monitoring service.

    This fee covers the cost of our technician programming your alarm panel to communicate with the BENS Monitoring Centre. He will also do a full check of the system to ensure all sensors, sirens, strobe light, power supply, back-up battery and remote controls are in working order. If any part of the system is found to be faulty, the technician will give you a comprehensive written report and provide a fixed quotation for the repair or replacement of the faulty part.

  • How Does Back-to-Base Monitoring Work?

    All systems installed by Melbourne Alarms and Monitoring have an Auto Dallier built in. We connect the alarm panel to your land line and it dials the monitoring station if the alarm is triggered. The Monitoring station staff then follows your pre-arranged instructions to ensure there is a guaranteed response to the emergency.

    This may be to contact you or any of your nominated contacts, a patrol service or the police.

New Wireless Technology

  • What is it?

    New wireless technology provides low cost, high security monitoring without the need for a phone line.

    • Need Monitoring But Don’t Have A Phone Line?
    • Thinking of discontinuing your landline telephone service?
    • About to be connected to the National Broadband Network? (NBN)…

    …Then Permaconn Wireless is a monitoring solution worth serious consideration.

    Permaconn can be connected to your new or existing alarm panel. It sends all alarm information to the monitoring centre using GPRS wireless technology

  • What Information Can It Send?
    • For a start, it can send the precise detector that caused the alarm (ie Alarm from motion sensor in Master Bedroom, alarm from motion sensor in Living Room)
    • Panic alarm from either codepad panic button or remote control panic button
    • Alarm system has been armed (Time and date and by who)
    • Alarm system has been disarmed (Time and date and by who)
    • Mains Fail
    • Low Battery
    • Instant notification if the wireless connection between your premises and the monitoring centre is lost.
    • Other system events
  • Other benefits
    • Uncapped usage. Your monthly monitoring fee includes all alarm transmissions – you don’t pay a call charge every time an alarm is sent as you do with dial-up systems. So weather your system sends one signal per day or 100 signals, you don’t pay any more.
    • Wireless communication means it’s virtually impossible for an intruder to interrupt the alarms being sent to the monitoring centre – there is no phone line to cut.
    • For extra security and peace-of-mind, the control room and the Telstra Secure must “handshake” at least every hour to ensure the integrity of the wireless connection.

    The Permacon unit can be added to your system for $495.00 including installation and GST

    The monthly monitoring charge is $35.00 per month – and there’s no lock-in contract. Cancel at any time.