The new Touch screen from Bosch is here  almost 12 months after it was announced.I have had an early release version in my home for a couple of months and have to sat it’s pretty impressive.

The screen is really responsive – much better than similar products that I have tested over the past eighteen months or so.

Arming and disarming is easy and straightforward. After using it for a short time it makes the old fashioned codepad seem really outdated.

It also has an SD slot that you can display your favourite photos when the screen is in ‘Standby’ mode. This feature makes it unique among it’s competition

You can also choose your own background image from your photo collection.

The price is not too bad either – in keeping with the Ness, DSC and Honeywell offerings – it adds around $250.00 to the standard Bosch alarm package prices

A long time coming but it was worth the wait.

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