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The Bosch Solution 3000

Available in either Hardwired or Wireless to suit your style of home

Hardwired Package $947.00 Wireless Package $1297.00 includes installation and GST

The hardwired package includes:

The Bosch Solution 3000 16 zone control panel

The Bosch 3000 LCD codepad with built-in panic alarm

Night arming to protect your living areas and garage while you’re sleeping

3 x Bosch Gen II Quad motion sensors (hardwired)

1 x super-loud internal siren-screamer

1 x external siren and blue strobe light

1 x large back-up battery to keep you protected even during a power fail

The wireless package contains:

The Bosch Solution 3000 wireless 16 zone control panel

The Bosch 3000 LCD codepad with built-in panic alarm

Night arming to protect your living areas and garage while you’re sleeping

3 x Bosch Gen II Quad motion sensors (wireless – 5 year battery life)

1 x super-loud internal siren-screamer

1 x external siren and blue strobe light

1 x large back-up battery to keep your home safe even if the power is out

fully installed for only

fully installed for just



Can I substitute pet tolerant sensors for the standard sensors


Hardwired Package add $45.00 per sensor

Wireless Package add $120.00  per sensor


Of course.

Hardwired sensors:

Standard sensor $160.00 each

Pet tolerant sensor $195.00 each

Wireless sensors:

Standard sensor: $195.00 each

Pet tolerant: $245.00 each


The packages we offer provide a good level of security for an average sized 3 or 4 bedroom house. What this means is that an intruder should not be able to take any more than 5 steps, no matter where he enters the home, before the alarm is triggered.

If your home is larger or you have a room that contains a safe or a valuable collection of some sort, my advice would be to add another sensor to that room.

We’re always available to offer recommendations and advice for your situation.


Here is a summary of the monitoring options available for each of the Melbourne Alarms Bosch home alarm packages.

 Bosch Solution 880
  • 1 – Basic phone alert. Traditional landline required however it ((Should)) work on NBN
  • 2 – Customised Text Message (Eg. “Alarm from  Master Bedroom“). SMS module required – around $250.00, send Robyn an email or call to confirm price. You also need to provide a SIM card – $10 per month plan (or cheaper) is available
  • 3 – Back-to-Base monitoring. $27.50 per month – NO CONTRACT. Cancel anytime. Call Steve, Robyn or Tara in the office for more details – the NBN has sort of complicated things!
Bosch Solution 3000

1 – Basic phone alert. See (1) above

2 – Customised text message to up to 5 mobile phones. See (2) above

3 – Back-to-Base monitoring See (3) above

4 – Free Bosch App. Arm, disarm and receive alarm notifications and system notifications (eg. power fail, low battery). Requires the Bosch IP Communication Module – around $220.00 No on-going costs – uses your home internet connection.

Bosch Solution 6000

All 3 options as listed above

Bosch Premium App – Monthly subscription.

Offers arming and disarming from anywhere. Gives you full alarm details if a sensor is triggered. Has a unique alerting tone so you immediately know the alarm has been triggered. (Other apps including the Solution 3000 app use a standard alert tone that’s built in to your phone – could be the same tone you already use for email or text message. Access to full event history. Control outputs from the Home Screen – open your garage door for example. Receive an alert if the garage door hasn’t been closed after, say, 2 minutes (programmable time). Lots of possibilities. Call Steve, Robyn or Tara for all the details.


We’ve been custom-designing and installing security systems for many years to suit a range of special requirements and risk.

Some of the available options are:

<> Door & window switches

<> Vibration sensors

<> Gate & fence alarms

<> Outdoor beams that alert you with a tone, siren, flood-lights or video clip if an intruder has entered your property (side of house, backyard, garage etc)

<> Garage door alarms – you receive an alert on your phone if you’ve driven away but left the garage door open. Close the door using your phone.

<> Motion alerts that send you high resolution video clips if an intruder enters a protected area

Speak to our experts to see how we can help you with any special requirement you have

(03) 9005-0174

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Order Any Bosch Alarm Package Before the End of the Month to receive the following valuable bonuses for free

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Every Bosch home security package from  Melbourne Alarms includes:

* Window stickers

* User manual written in plain English

* Thorough training on the system operation – we won’t leave until you’re happy!

* 36 month manufacturers warranty

* Lifetime guarantee on all our workmanship

* Installation by an experienced licensed, factory trained technician

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