Do I need 2 internal sirens? Most other packages I’ve looked at only have 1

If an intruder gets into your home, the more noise that can be generated the better.

The internal screamer-sirens have a disorienting effect after more than 30 seconds of exposure. They also prevent the intruder from hearing if someone is entering the home to investigate the cause of the alarm – something he can easily do if the home is perfectly silent.

We have a super-siren package that includes 10 internal sirens that make it impossible to stay inside!!

Speak to one of our experts for more information

Can I turn the alarm system on while I’m sleeping?
Yes, all our alarm systems have a ‘Sleep Mode’ that automatically disconnects the sensors in sleeping areas but leaves living areas armed for your peace of mind. For even greater peace of mind, have a look at our early warning perimeter detection system here.
Will the alarm still work if the power is disconnected from my home or business?

Yes. All our alarm systems are supplied with a large back-up battery that will keep the system operating for around 24 hours.

Be aware that your internet router will not function during a power fail unless you have a UPS (uninterruptible Power Supply) installed. This is important if you have the Bosch or Risco app that uses your router to alert you if the alarm is triggered.

Bosch offer several different alarm panels. Why? What's the difference? Which one do I need?

The 3 current Bosch security alarm systems are:

Bosch Solution 2000. This is an 8 zone alarm panel. That means it can have 8 sensors connected – they could be infra-red motion sensors, door or window switches, smoke detectors or a combination of all 3.

All the sensors have to be hardwired on the 2000, it can’t use wireless sensors so it’s best suited to homes or businesses with ceiling access for running the cables. It can have remote controls.

Monitoring and alerting options: Professional back-to-base monitoring (around $28.00 per month read short article here to see why this is a complete waste of money for most homeowners) basic mobile phone alert (landline required) ,Push notifications and remote arming and disarming via the free Bosch RSC+ app (optional Ethernet module required)

Codepad options: Classic  codepad with LCD display and panic button built-in, Alphanumeric codepad  – displays zone and other system information in plain English. Touch screen.

Read more about the Bosch Solution 2000 system here


Bosch Solution 3000: The 3000 is a 16 zone alarm panel, large enough for most homes and small-to-medium sized businesses.

It’s main advantage over the Solution 2000 is that it can have both wireless and hardwired sensors connected. This makes it a great choice for 2 storey homes, apartments and flat-roofed homes  where it is difficult or impossible to neatly run cables.

Monitoring options: same as for the Solution 2000

Codepad options: also identical to the 2000

Get more details on the Bosch Solution 3000 here


Bosch Solution 6000: The 6000 is a full-featured panel with lots of bells and whistles.

It has a very attractive alphanumeric codepad that displays all the information about the alarm in an easy to read format. It also displays the room temperature – not essential but a nice touch.

It comes with 16 zones as standard but can be expanded to 144 zones by adding extra hardware.

The 6000 has 8 individual areas that can all be controlled separately from either the codepad or the app. So your home could be one area, your studio could be another, the garage and granny flat could also be completely separate areas. It’s really like having 8 separate alarm systems.

Apart from that, it can have doors connected that can be opened with a code or by swiping a card.

It’s a very versatile panel and a popular choice for homes even if all the features aren’t used.

Monitoring options include professional back-to-base monitoring, basic mobile phone monitoring, push notifications and remote arming and disarming from the iFob app. (Ethernet module and app subscription required.

Read more about the Bosch Solution 6000 here.


If you’re not sure which system would be best call one of our security experts. We’ll help you choose the best system. No pressure, just honest reliable advice.

Can I connect cameras to my Bosch alarm system?

Unfortunately not. Well not yet anyway.

The Agility 3 system is the only system that has alarms and cameras all controlled from the excellent (and free) Risco app.

It combines a camera and motion sensor so you get to see what tripped the alarm.

There is also a live streaming camera that sends you a high resolution video clip if the alarm has been triggered. You can have cameras inside and/or outside.

It’s well worth a look.

Get more info here

How many motion sensors do I need?

3 infra-red motion sensors are usually enough to cover most medium sized homes. With careful planning we can usually make sure that an intruder can’t travel any more than 5 steps before he’s detected by a motion sensor and the alarm is triggered.

Of course for larger homes, or rooms that require extra protection (safes, works of art collections etc) then additional motion sensors or other types of detectors can be added.

Warranty and Guarantees
All our Bosch alarm packages come with a 5 year replacement warranty on all parts. Melbourne Alarms offer a lifetime guarantee on all our workmanship.

We also offer a 90 day money back guarantee.

Should I choose a hardwired or wireless system?

A hardwired system is still the best option provided your home of office has a roof cavity where the concealed wiring can be installed. The sensors, codepad and sirens are all run back to the control panel.

The system is mains powered and runs on the back-up battery for up to 24 hours during a power fail.

A wireless  system is the best option for double storey/multi storey homes and multi-level apartments where there is no ceiling access. The sensors don’t need cables because they use radio signals to communicate to the alarm panel. They are very reliable and the system performance and detection capabilities are identical to the hardwired systems.

The only real downside is that the sensors are battery powered. The batteries in the Bosch sensors are good for around 5 years so it’s really not a big problem.

And the alarm system will let you know via a message on the codepad when it’s time to replace the batteries.

We provide you with videos showing you how to replace the batteries. It’s really simple and only takes a minute or so.

We can also replace the batteries for you if you like

It’s also important to know that it’s only the sensors that are wireless.  The internal sirens, external sirens and codepad still need to be hardwired to the control panel. Even so, we will make sure that you don’t see any wires.


Full Wireless System.  The Risco Agility 3 is a completely wireless system.

It does need to be plugged into a power point and into your internet router however all the sensors, sirens and codepad are wireless.


Can the alarm system detect someone trying to break into my car?

We specialist in outdoor and perimeter detection for all types of properties can add invisible infra-red ‘trip-wires ‘to any of our packages. These reliable wireless sensors can be installed to detect an intruder approaching your vulnerable doors or windows, as well as your caravan, boat, storage shed or garage. Read more here