Why would anyone still want to pay for back-to-base monitoring? Although we still have many customers that insist on keeping it (despite my constant letters and emails showing them a better way) some people are just stuck in their ways, which of course is fine.To understand why I think it’s a complete and utter waste of money, consider this typical scenario:

  • You’re at work or away on holiday and your alarm is triggered. You’ll get a phone call from the monitoring station advising you which zone has been activated. (Some monitoring stations don’t even bother having a real person call you anymore – people cost money! they have an automated message or worse still, send you a text message!)


  • If you or a friend or neighbour are not in a position to attend to investigate, your only options are to ignore the alarm or pay for a patrolman to attend.


  • A patrolman could take up to an hour to get to your home, and can only do an external check to look for signs of forced entry. If there is a locked gate or a fence preventing him from accessing the side of your house or your back yard he won’t be able to check those areas – the very areas where an intruder is most likely to have gained entry! So you could be in a situation where you’ve had a break-in and not know until you arrive home, despite having paid an expensive patrol attendance fee.

So when you think about it, the only benefit you receive from paying for back-to-base monitoring is to have the monitoring station call you to tell you your alarm has been triggered – after that you’re on your own!
Modern alarm systems can tell you via a mobile phone alert or an app if your alarm has been triggered – you don’t need to pay a monthly fee to a monitoring station to tell you that.