Lifestyle Smartphone System

Do-It-Yourself kit OR Professionally Installed

The lifestyle alarm system is a Professional Grade home security system that is simple for anyone to install themselves

Wireless dials up to 10 landline or mobile numbers when triggered
Add optional low-cost adaptor to connect system to internet for full monitoring and control using App
Lots of accessories available`Save hundred of dollars on installation costs
Free over-the-phone technical support`Self-monitored – No monitoring fees
Agility Smartphone System
Uses motion sensors with in-built color cameras. Sends snap shots of alarm events directly to your Smartphone, iPad or PC
Request a snap shot from any camera at any time – check on your home while you’re at work
Wireless codepad for convenient arming and disarming
Self monitored via App or optional Back-to-Base monitoring
Next Generation Home Security system
Videofied Smartphone System

The monitored video alarm system that gets arrests!

Uses indoor and outdoor motion sensors with cameras
Video clip is sent to monitoring station to see the actual cause of the alarm
Eliminates costly patrol services to investigate False Alarms
Secure, wireless system with 4 year battery life
Crime is recorded and can be stored indefinitely
Priority Police Respons