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  • Licensed with the Victorian Police
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$135.00 Callout  Includes 30 minutes onsite.

We Service Most Security Systems Installed in Melbourne Over The Last 20 Years
Any Brand – Any Suburb – Any Installer 

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Our qualified and experienced service technician will promptly diagnose the fault.

If the repair will take longer than 30 minutes, he or she will let you know.

If the problem is a bit more involved, the technician will discuss the options with you in plain English and provide you with a written quotation.

Our aim is to get your system working as quickly as possible.

Homes – Retail Stores – Offices – Warehouses – Manufacturing Facilities

No matter what system you have, where it’s installed or who installed your system we have the experience and knowledge to get it fixed. We’ve been installing and servicing alarms in Melbourne since 1981

  • Code pad repairs or replacement
  • Back up battery replacement
  • False alarms fixed
  • CCTV repairs



DIY Repairs

Is Your Bosch Alarm Beeping? Watch our popular video to fix the problem quickly:


Need to change the backup battery in a Bosch alarm:

CLICK HERE Get a Genuine Replacement Alarm Battery delivered directly to your door for just $34.00 including GST


Alarm going off for no reason? This easy procedure fixes 75% of cases:

Preventative Maintenance

If you’re currently receiving a discount on your insurance policy, your insurer may require you to have your alarm serviced by a licensed, qualified installer at least once a year.

Melbourne Alarms can provide you with a quote for a once-off preventative maintenance, or an on-going annual scheduled maintenance program.

What Happens During A Maintenance Visit?

The service technician will test all the components of the system including:

  • Power supply and battery charging circuit
  • Back-up battery
  • Clean and walk-test all motion sensors. Adjust as necessary
  • Test all glass breakage detectors, vibration sensors and reed switches
  • Test internal sirens, external sirens and strobe lights.
  • Ensure all signals are received by the monitoring control room
  • Test panic buttons
  • Provide a written report that you can keep on file for your insurance company

If any components are found to be faulty or recommended for replacement, a written quote will be provided to you.

Other Popular Services and Add-ons

  • Upgrade ‘Standard’ motion sensors to Pet-Tolerant sensors
  • Add the convenience of remote controls or an app to your system
  • Set up your new or existing remote controls to control your garage door
  • Add a “Garage Door Left Open” reminder to your alarm
  • Add one or more High Definition stand-alone video verification cameras. Check-in on your home or business at any time or if the alarm has been triggered
  • Add early warning perimeter detection. Be alerted if a potential intruder is prowling around your vulnerable doors and windows. Take action while he’s still outside.
  • NBN upgrades. Your dialler alarm system will stop working after you change over to the NBN. We’ve got a solution


  • Alarm System Upgrade: we replace your existing alarm control panel, codepad and back up battery and external siren.  We connect all your existing motion sensors, door and window switches etc. to the new control panel. This is a good option if:
    • your old alarm panel or code pad is old or faulty
    • you want to take advantage of new features that are not available on your current alarm system, for example using an app for self-monitoring, adding remote controls, arming your system at night, having your system call your mobile phone if an alarm occurs.
    • you want a more modern looking code pad or touchscreen

Any Brand – Any Suburb – Any Installer

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