Alarm Service and Repairs by Melbourne’s Most Experienced Technicians

$135.00 (incl GST) for the 30 minutes – that’s the lowest price in Melbourne.

No Hidden Charges

Melbourne Alarms and Monitoring can fix your faulty system fast. All our service and repairs are carried out by Technicians who are:

–  licensed with the Victorian Police Licensing Board

– have a minimum of 10 years experience

– are punctual and courteous.

We Fix False Alarms – Guaranteed.

See below for a list of all alarm panels that we service.

Can’t find yours? No problem, chances are we can fix it anyway!

Call Robbie in the office – (03)9005 0174 to make a booking or send an email to for prompt service.

Our qualified and experienced service technician will promptly diagnose the fault.

If the repair will take longer than 30 minutes, he’ll let you know.

If the problem is a bit more involved,he will discuss the options with you in plain English and provide you with a written quotation.

Our aim is to get your system working as quickly as possible.

Service Call Rate: $135.00 incl GST for the first 30 minutes $39.00 per 15 minutes thereafter
You should consider calling us if:
you have a faulty burglar alarm that isn’t working
you’re having problems operating your security system
you’re alarm is going off for no reason
you’ve just moved into a property with no codes for the alarm system.
your alarm asking for a reset, showing a telephone fail, tamper or low battery
you need extra Remote Controls
We Can Also Upgrade Your Alarm System

A system upgrade allows you to give your system a fresh look and new features

Generally, there are two different types of upgrades – full or partial.

Partial Upgrade

This is where we replace your existing alarm control panel, codepad and back up battery and external siren.  We connect all your existing motion sensors, door and window switches etc. to the new control panel.

This is a good option if:

  • your old alarm panel or codepad is old or faulty;
  • you want to take advantage of new features that are not available on your current alarm system – adding remote controls, arming your system at night, having your system call your mobile phone if an alarm occurs;
  • you want a more modern looking codepad.
Full Upgrade

A full upgrade is where all your existing motion sensors are removed and replaced with new modern-looking sensors.

Call Robbie in the office on (03) 9005 0174 to discuss your requirements  – she is very knowledgeable and will be able to offer you plenty of advise and suggestions.or send an email to:

Here’s a list of all the alarm systems that we help you with

Ademco: Vista 10,  Vista 12,  Vista 20,  Vista 50,  Alert II, Alert II,I  Advantage 3115,   Advantage 4110,  Advantage 4115,  Advantage 5115, Sontrix
Bosch: Ultima 880,  Solution 880,  Solution 844,  Solution 862,  Solution 16i,  Solution 16 Plus,  Solution 64, Solution 144 , Solution 6000,  HomeSecure 8,  Secure 840 Ultima,   862 Ultima 880
C&K: 236,i  238i,  2316,  iEclipse,  Sierra, Spreadnet
Chubb:  Chubbguard 100,  Chubbguard 200,  Chubbguard 300,  Chubbguard 400,  Chubbguard 500, Cryptoguard,  Secure 6000 , Omega
Crow:  PowerWave 8,  PowerWave 16,  Runner
DSC  :  PC 1550,   PC 1565, PC 3000, PC 4020,   PC5010, Classic
EDM:  905,  908  Solution 8,  Solution 16
FAI Home Security:  Security Guard 1,  Security Guard 2,  Security Guard 3, SG1,  SG2,  SG3, Guardpost
GE:  Simon,  Challenger V8
Hills/ Direct Alarm Supplies (DAS):  Networx NX-4,  Networx  NX-8,  Networx NX-12,  Networx NX-16,  Hills Reliance,  Dl-100,  DL-150,  DL-200,  DL-250,  DL-300,  Micro 8,  Control 8
IEI: E36,  E38,  E32,  E6800
MCM Electronics: Icon 8,  Icon 16,  CDX-8,  Iris 8
MSS:  Computa-Guard
Ness:  D8,  D16,  D24,  Eco 8,  R 8,  R 16,  Security Guard 1,  Security Guard 2,  Secuirty Guard 3,  Guardpost, Ness L8,  Pro LX,  Pro LD,  Ness 5000,  Ness 7000,  Ness AP-1,  Nessessity (5+)
Nidac:  SPR-3,  SPR-5,  Nidac Voice Dialler
Pinkerton/PSA: Pinkerton Security Control Panel
Risco:  Agility 3,  LightSys,  WisDom
SecurePro:  LS-30
Tecom:  Challenger V8
Wormald: Integrity 223