Risco Agility 3 – Special Introductory Offer $1697

The Risco Agility 3 Alarm System is a clever ‘Next Generation’ alarm system that gives you more control over your home security….A LOT more.

It uses the same infra-red motion sensors that other systems use with one important difference…. a color camera.

If an intruder enters your property, the infra-red sensor detects his movement and sounds an ear-splitting siren in your home.

At the same time, the camera takes a series of snap-shots and immediately sends them to your Smartphone…you get to see EXACTLY what caused the alarm.

Left the cat inside by mistake?…You’ll know by the clear image on your Smartphone.Simply press the Disarm button to turn the alarm off until someone can pop home and put the cat outside.

See someone in your home that shouldn’t be there?

Call the police and let them know you have Visual Verification of an intruder – that will usually prompt a quicker response than a neighbour calling to say your siren is sounding.

No Phone Line Needed. Alarms and Snap-shots Are Send Using Your Home Internet Connection

What’s Included in the $1697 Package

The Agility 3 master control panel with LOUD built-in screamer style siren.

Back up battery to keep your system operational even during a power failure.

1 x wireless LCD codepad.

2 x Risco remote controls for easy arming and disarming. Includes On, Off, Sleep mode & Panic buttons.

3 x Risco Eyewave advanced motion sensor with built-in colour camera for video verification of alarm events.

1 x Risco wireless external siren with blue strobe light.

Free Agility app and desktop Command Centre.

Questions?…..just call Robyn in the Office on (03) 9005 0174 or use the Quick Contact form on the left hand side of this page

Instant Alarm Messages AND Images Sent Directly To Your Smart Phone! Arm and Disarm from Anywhere!

No phone line needed

Simply connect to your internet router or pop in a SIM card (optional GSM module required) to turn your Smartphone into a complete monitoring and control centre for your home security.

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

These images from a Risco Agility 3  camera clearly show someone in the home that shouldn’t be there. It’s clear that this requires an immediate response such as calling the police.

And because you have ‘Visual Verification’ of an actual intruder the police treat the call as a crime in progress meaning you get a priority response.

It’s obvious from this series of snapshots that the cause of the alarm was the door being blown open on a windy day. (Actual photos of an alarm activation from real customer)

In this case the homeowner knows there is no threat to his property and no action needs to be taken.

Using the free Smartphone App the homeowner can easily disarm, and then re-arm the Risco Agility 3 system  so the neighbours aren’t disturbed by the siren.

The snapshots are stored in the system memory for 90 days – or you can save them on your Smartphone for as long as you need them

Why Is Video Verification So Important?

It’s easy to see how this new Next Generation alarm system is far superior to the traditional ‘siren only’ alarm.

This new technology eliminates the need to send a friend, family member or an expensive patrol service to verify the cause of the alarm.

You have full control of the Risco Agility 3 system so you can turn the alarm on or off from wherever you are. Arm your system either from your wireless two-way codepad, Smartphone or computer.

Smartphone /i-Pad App.

Arm, disarm and monitor your home using the free App.

No Phone line needed – Connects to the Cloud using either a SIM card or your internet connection`View images of your home on your Smart phone or computer if the alarm is triggered.

Request a snapshot from any camera at any time.

Cameras are disabled when the alarm is off for privacy.

2 year warranty.

Completely wireless – take it with you when you move.

Can be monitored by a professional 24 hour monitoring station (Chubb, etc) if required.

Many accessories available including remote controls, smoke detectors, panic buttons, and door and window sensors.

No Phone line required

No complicated lights or displays – system speaks to you to tell you when its armed, disarmed or if an alarm has been triggered.

Do-It-Yourself monitoring – no monthly monitoring fees.

Check in on your home while at work or on holiday.