Home Security Systems – Our Complete Line-up
This page shows all of our Home Security Systems. Click on the picture to view full details of the system, its Clipboardcapabilities and Special Offers

All these systems have been installed in my home and thoroughly tested for reliability.

Now you might be thinking, “if there’re all so good, why not just offer one system’?

Good question. Each system on offer has unique features not available in the others. For example if you need a reliable, easy to use system that will provide years of trusted service,and can dial your mobile if an alarm occurs, the Solution 880 is the perfect choice.
If you don’t have a land line, you could consider the innovative Lifestyle Elite. It uses your internet connection and comes with a free app that allows you to arm, disarm and receive alarm messages to your smartphone. It’s range of add on sensors and it’s rock-solid reliability has seen it become one of our most popular systems.

The other systems shown each add additional features and functions that should meet any requirement you have. Click here to see a quick side-by-side feature comparison of all the systems.

If you’re not quite sure where to start, click here