Next Generation Home Security Systems

2014 has seen the introduction of some really useful innovations in home security systems. And honestly, it’s about time. In fact the only real ‘innovation’ I have seen since I started in 1981 is the introduction of a codepad to […]

Why The Strobe Light Is Your Best Friend

This is, in my opinion, one of the most important components of a good home security system yet are seldom installed to take full advantage of their role. The strobe is a high-intensity blue light that is mounted on the […]

Alarm System Terminology

Like most industries, the security alarms industry has its share of confusing lingo and terminology. Here are some of the more common ones you’re likely to come across while researching Home Alarm Systems: CONTROL PANEL This is the “brains” of […]

Mobile Phone Monitoring

Did you know most alarm systems can send an alert to your mobile phone? As an alternative to back-to base monitoring, your alarm system can dial up to 3 telephone numbers and alert you if the alarm has been triggered. […]

Before You Get Home Security Quotes…

Unfortunately, a lot of people that call us for a quote have just had that awful experience of being broken into. I sincerely hope that’s not the reason you’ve reached our site. If you have had a break-in, it can be tempting to go with the […]

The Importance of Money Back Guarantees

Every alarm company should be fully accountable for its work.  I’ve had several experiences with customers who have been told one thing from a salesperson but when the installer arrives, the customer is told something completely different.  If you aren’t pleased with the […]