CCTV Systems for Homes

Check out our CCTV system especially designed for home use here:   CCTV Home Package  

Bosch Finally Release 7″ Touchscreen

  The new Touch screen from Bosch is here  almost 12 months after it was announced. I have had an early release version in my home for a couple of months and have to sat it’s pretty impressive. The screen […]

Next Generation Home Security Systems

2014 has seen the introduction of some really useful innovations in home security systems. And honestly, it’s about time. In fact the only real ‘innovation’ I have seen since I started in 1981 is the introduction of a codepad to […]

Why The Strobe Light Is Your Best Friend

This is, in my opinion, one of the most important components of a good home security system yet are seldom installed to take full advantage of their role. The strobe is a high-intensity blue light that is mounted on the […]

4 Mistakes To Avoid Before Choosing A Home Alarm

Hi. My name is Steve Corless and I have personally installed over 5000 security systems in Melbourne since 1981. And not just for homeowners. I’ve installed alarms in prisons, jewellery shops, police stations and banks, for VIPs and “celebrities”, in […]

Alarm System Terminology

Like most industries, the security alarms industry has its share of confusing lingo and terminology. Here are some of the more common ones you’re likely to come across while researching Home Alarm Systems: CONTROL PANEL This is the “brains” of […]

A Note To Pet Lovers

Don’t like the idea of having to lock your beloved pet outside when you turn the alarm on? Pet –Tolerant sensors could be the answer. WHAT IS A PET-TOLERANT SENSOR? It looks identical to a standard infra-red motion sensor but […]

Hardwire Alarms Versus Wireless Alarms

Thankfully huge advances have been made in wireless technology over the last 10 years. Wireless technologies such as blue tooth, wi-fi and Near Field Communication that we rely on everyday were not even thought of 15 years ago. It’s only relatively recently […]

Mobile Phone Monitoring

Did you know most alarm systems can send an alert to your mobile phone? As an alternative to back-to base monitoring, your alarm system can dial up to 3 telephone numbers and alert you if the alarm has been triggered. […]

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