Back-to-Base Monitoring is Dead….

Why would anyone still want to pay for back-to-base monitoring? Although we still have many customers that insist on keeping it (despite my constant letters and emails showing them a better way) some people are just stuck in their ways, […]

Alarm System Terminology

Like most industries, the security alarms industry has its share of confusing lingo and terminology. Here are some of the more common ones you’re likely to come across while researching Home Alarm Systems: CONTROL PANEL This is the “brains” of […]

Uses for Remote Controls

Uses for Remote Controls Adding remote controls to your home security system gives you more advantages than you may realize: Arm the system from outside your home – no exit delay time necessary which increases your security Disarm the alarm […]

Mobile Phone Monitoring

Did you know most alarm systems can send an alert to your mobile phone? As an alternative to back-to base monitoring, your alarm system can dial up to 3 telephone numbers and alert you if the alarm has been triggered. […]

Alarm System Monitoring – Why Bother?

Some people view Back to Base monitoring (an optional service that connects your home alarm system to a 24 hour Control Room for a monthly fee) as  unnecessary. The view seems to be  “Well I’ve really got nothing to steal, and […]