Hi. My name is Steve Corless and I have personally installed over 5000 security systems in Melbourne since 1981.

And not just for homeowners.

I’ve installed alarms in prisons, jewellery shops, police stations and banks, for VIPs and “celebrities”, in government offices and in schools and universities.

I even appeared on the Channel 9 program “The Block” in 2011 installing security systems in those 4 homes in Cameron Street Richmond.

I’ve made home security my specialty since 2001. Together my small team and I install more Bosch alarm systems in Melbourne each week than any other alarm company.

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that I receive a steady flow of requests from family, neighbors, friends and friends-of-friends wanting advice on the kind of alarm they need.

If you don’t know anything about alarm systems, it really can be confusing. There is so much misleading advertising and false information out there that some people just don’t know where to begin.

In an effort to make my life easier by not answering the same questions people ask me over and over, I decided to just put as much useful information as I could about on my website.

Have a look around – I hope you find the articles helpful.

And if you have any questions about the security needs for your home, you’re invited to call me on (03) 9005 0174

MISTAKE 1: Choosing an Alarm Company Based on a verbal quotation


I would advise against making the purchase of a home security system based solely on a verbal quotation.
Insist on a written, detailed quote. That way you’ll know exactly what’s included, what’s not included as well as any on-going costs, such as back-to-base monitoring or other bundled services. Get on the internet and research the equipment that the company has specified and look for reviews – favorable or otherwise.
Also check that the company you’re dealing with holds a  licensed. In Victoria, anyone engaged in selling, installing or offering advice on security systems, needs to hold a security license which is issued by Victoria Police.


MISTAKE 2: Choosing an Alarm Company That Doesn’t Offer a Money Back Guarantee


Every alarm company should be fully accountable for it’s work.
If you’re not completely satisfied with the installation, the quality of the equipment or the performance of the system, you shouldn’t have to pay for it.
Make sure that all guarantees and warranties are given in writing.


MISTAKE 3: Choosing an Alarm Company Without Getting Comments from Their Other Clients


Any company can say anything they like about their past jobs, but sometimes what they say isn’t true.
Make sure you ask for references or read comments from customers who have already used the companies services, so that you can depend on the installers and their work.


MISTAKE 4: Choosing an Alarm Company Based Only on the Equipment They Use

The alarm company you use should be using good quality equipment that you can research online.
The most popular and reliable brands for home security systems at the moment are Bosch, Ness, Hills Industries (DAS) and Honeywll.
It’s important to check that the installers you choose have been factory-trained at installing the equipment and setting it up correctly.
Modern security systems have many options – sometimes hundreds – that can be programmed and customised during the commissioning process.
These options control how your system will operate – things like the entry and exit delays and siren running time. Untrained or lazy installers will leave all the settings untouched – just as it came from the factory.
A skilled and conscientious installer will know how to best customise the system, in consultation with you, so the system is set up for your individual requirements.
Look for an installer with at least 5 years of experience, has a security license and preferably has completed an electrical trade.


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